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March of 2010, thirty deaf and hard of hearing advocacy specialists participated in a three-day workshop with the goal of becoming DSAT Consumer Trainers.  Since that time, they have provided consumer trainings throughout the country.  This group of individuals was chosen for their knowledge of and passion for advocacy, their desire to provide advocacy training, and for their access to the Deaf Community and consumers of vocational rehabilitation.

In August of 2011, fourteen of these individuals returned for second three-day meeting at Gallaudet to share their experiences, provide feedback and suggestions for the upcoming Second Edition of the curriculum and develop a train-the-trainer curriculum. This core group of fourteen is referred to as DSAT Master Trainers. In addition to providing consumer trainings, they are qualified to conduct train-the-trainer trainings to deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind individuals interested in becoming a DSAT Consumer Trainer.

Directory of DSAT Consumer and Master Trainers

DSAT Master Trainers with NCIEC DSAT Workteam Members

The Directory below lists DSAT Consumer Trainers. In addition, those DSAT Consumer Trainers who are Master Trainers are also identified in the Directory. Many of these individuals are available to provide training upon request, which is often taught in a six to eight hour blocks of time or longer. While the Directory groups the trainers according to the NCIEC region in which they reside, they may be available to travel outside the region. Please contact them directly to learn of their availability and service fees (if any). Also, please note that those without contact information are not available for training.

Trainer Attributes and Qualifications

Based on the effective practices findings of Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD, the DSAT curriculum is designed as a peer-led training. In addition to this strong preference for Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-blind trainers, trainers must also have:
• Native level fluency in ASL
• A strong knowledge of and ongoing exposure to the Deaf community
• A working knowledge of the target audience’s needs
• In-depth knowledge of local, state and national resources
• Ability to translate written contents into communication modes and/or language choices appropriate for participants.

NCIEC Regional Center Map

Directory of DSAT Master Trainers

CATIE Center Region: Upper Mid-West
Name* City/State Contact Information Availability
Charleen Scully* Indianapolis, IN
Ph # 317-542-3323 VP
Please contact for availability
Lance Sigdestad Sioux Falls, SD
Susan DeBauge KS
Sheila Faricy
Sheryl D. Emery* Southfield, MI Please contact for availability
Laura J. Thomas* E. Moline, IL Available most times. Please contact for availability.
*Refers to DSAT Master Trainer available for Train the Trainer workshops
GURIEC Region: Atlantic Seaboard and Southeast U.S.
Name* City/State Contact Information Availability
Antia Dowd Frankford, KY Please contact for availability
Randy Shaw Duluth, GA Please contact for availability
Julie Burton* Cedartown, GA Please contact for availability
Jimmy Autrey* Morganton, NC Please contact for availability
Mona Ivey Montgomery, AL
Work VP- 334- 239-3761
Home VP- 334-239-3704
Please contact for availability
Howard A. Rosenblum MD
*Refers to DSAT Master Trainer available for Train the Trainer workshops
MARIE Center Region: Mid-West
Name* City/State Contact Information Availability
Rob Loveless Denver, CO Daytime, weekends, no evenings
Alma Rosa Bebee* Corpus Cristi, TX
361-288-8817 VP
Most days, evenings and weekends.
Ann Horn* &
Randi Turner*
Austin, TX
512-410-7691 VP
512-567-2634 (V-cell) can text or call.
Taught as a deaf/hearing team.
Possible weekdays, prefer evenings and weekends.
Corina Gutierrez* Albuquerque, NM Please contact for availability
Kimberly Thornsberry* Salt Lake City, UT Please contact for availability
*Refers to DSAT Master Trainer available for Train the Trainer workshops
NURIEC Region: Northeast and Caribbean Island Territories
Name*  City/State Contact Information Availability
Michelle Ames Portland Maine Conducted through Community Counseling Center. Contact Kristine Dach at
Keri Darling* VT Please contact for availability
Lillian Garcia Peterkin* CT/NY
203-764-2092 vp
Available days, evenings and weekends
Tammy Ennis * Bridgeport, CT Please contact for availability
Ivy Velez Marlborough, MA
866-927-7805 – VP
Please contact for availability
WRIEC Region: Western U.S. and Pac Rim Islands
Name* City/State Contact Information Availability
Elizabeth Andrews Anchorage, AK
Brenda Aron Seattle, WA
Evenings and weekends
Don Redford III WA
Tim Riker * Sacramento, CA
916-514-5644 VP
916-802-0725 Voice
Please contact for availability
Colleen Matusof Honolulu, HI Please contact for availability
Kevin Mills Los Angeles, CA
*Refers to DSAT Master Trainer available for Train the Trainer workshops