The Importance of the “…of, by and for the Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-Blind” Philosophy

1. Why is the DSAT noted as 'of, by and for the Deaf, hard of hearing and Deaf-Blind' ?

DSAT Training Participants

2. Who is best suited to take the DSAT training?
3. What is the youngest age of students who could benefit from this curriculum?
4. Is the curriculum suited for members of the Deaf Community who are culturally diverse?

The DSAT Curriculum

5. Who developed the DSAT Curriculum?
6. How long is the training?
7. Can I take the DSAT training online?
8. I took the DSAT training and it was very good. However, why were we required to complete a pre-test and a post-test, and an evaluation?
9. How do I obtain a copy of the DSAT curriculum?

Providing DSAT Training

10. Who is best suited to provide DSAT training?
11. Are there Deaf individuals who have been formally trained to provide the training?
12. Who are 'Master Trainers'?
13. Are there NCIEC-trained trainers in my community?
14. Is there a cost to use one of the NCIEC Trainers?
15. May I use the DSAT materials?
16. How can I become a DSAT Trainer?

The DSAT Initiative

17. Who funds the DSAT initiative?
18. Who sponsors the DSAT initiative?