ASL Narratives

These videos are a compilation of clips taken from NCIEC products that were created for other projects, specifically the Interpreting in VR Settings DVD set and Deaf Self-Advocacy Training videos. They have been selected to highlight a variety of ASL narratives. We encourage interpreters, educators and mentors to explore and use these videos for pre-service and professional development purposes.

There are two types of narratives in this collection. The first type is a monologue delivered by a single individual. The other type includes an interview format where long-form answers constitute ASL narratives of significant duration.

There are four categories that allow you to narrow your search for videos: gender identity, speed, language and race/ethnicity. As you choose among these categories, titles of videos that meet the selection criteria will be listed from which you may choose.

To download the videos stored in our video repository, please browse the collection at the Northeastern Library System’s website.

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