Welcome to Teaching Interpreting Media (TIM), a repository of video resources for interpreter education!  All of us here at the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers (NCIEC) are sure this will become your “go to” site for interpreter education videos! Explore all three collections! Thanks to a recent upgrade, all videos found in TIM, including TerpTalks can now be downloaded!  Be sure to visit each collection for more information.

TIM consists of 3 collections.  ASL Narratives consists of video clips taken from NCIEC products that were created for other projects, specifically the Interpreting in VR Settings DVD set and Deaf Self-Advocacy Training videos. They have been selected to highlight a variety of ASL narratives. We encourage interpreters, educators and mentors to explore and use these videos for pre-service and professional development purposes.

The Specialty Settings Video Collection includes four video productions of the NCIEC that focus on specialty areas of interpreting and is part of Teaching Interpreting Media.  These videos may be used to support development of interpreting competencies for legal, trilingual, and vocational rehabilitation and other community settings. Curricular material and thought-provoking questions to support individual, group, and classroom use are provided within the video material or as a accompanying documents.

Our initial collection features TerpTalks, a video library of 65 expository and narrative monologue texts produced by the Outcomes Circle, is an initiative of the National Interpreter Education Center (NIEC). This collection features texts in ASL and English that are approximately 20 minutes in length and are intended to be used as stimulus material.  The TerpTalks collection includes a robust search functionality that will allow you to pinpoint the exact video to suit your needs. Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information.

As of May 2016, all videos in TIM are downloadable.  Please visit each collection for more information.

A quick note about browsers!  If the seek (fast forward and rewind) function isn’t working, try viewing through a different browser.  Firefox and Safari are reliable.  There may be some difficulty with Chrome.

All content in these TIM collections is licensed using a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. When you see this license, you immediately know that these videos can be used for educational purposes, as long as the NCIEC is cited and the purpose is non-profit. There is no need to seek permission to use this content. You may also create derivatives from these videos. The ShareAlike component of the license requires that you, in turn, allow others to create derivatives of your work and use a similar license. We urge you to use this content freely within the limits stipulated.

For more information about the NCIEC, please visit our website.

The NCIEC extends its thanks to the staff at the Northeastern University Libraries for their enthusiasm and expertise in making TIM a reality. We also gratefully acknowledge the expertise provided by Damon Timm in designing the TIM site and interface.

We welcome your suggestions and feedback. Contact us at nciec@interpretereducation.org.