Trends Report

In the fall of 2013, RSA charged the National Interpreter Education Center (NIEC) with conducting a study to assess the major legislative, demographic, and technological changes that have taken place in recent years, and the extent to which those changes impact the population of d/Deaf individuals and the interpreters who provide services to them. Goals of the study included an assessment of the current state of the fields of interpreting and interpreter education to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for aligning current practices with future needs.

Published in 2015, “Preparing Interpreters for Tomorrow: Report on a Study of Emerging Trends in Interpreting and Implications for Interpreter Education” provides insight into the challenges and opportunities facing the field of ASL/English interpreting. To read the report, click here: NIEC Trends Report.

The authors, Dennis Cokely, Ph.D., Principal Investigator and Cathy Cogen, M.Ed., Director (former) of the National Interpreter Education Center, conducted a presentation at the RID convention, RIDNOLA15, last summer. The presentation was drawn from the report. You can watch the presentation (as part of a CEU-earning course, or for free) by clicking here: