Commonly Used Terms Found in NCIEC Products

A number of terms are used throughout NCIEC Interpreting in Spanish-Influenced Settings series, including the term “trilingual”. We recognize that “trilingual interpreting” as a stand-alone term refers to the act of interpreting between three independent languages. However, for purposes of this publication, unless otherwise noted, “trilingual interpreting” refers to the act of interpreting between the three languages ASL, Spanish, and English.

The Task Force recognizes the need for additional tools that address the interpreting needs of individuals who communicate in languages other than English or Spanish. The ASL/Spanish/English domains and competencies reveal many competencies pertinent to all trilingual settings. However, they also illuminate the existence of skills that are unique to each particular language and culture. We invite trilingual professionals working in non-Spanish-influenced settings to borrow from the NCIEC Resources whenever possible. With so many commonalities, broad-based collaboration among all trilingual interpreters has merit and is welcomed.

Frequently Used Terms

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