Social Services (English Subtitles)


Domains and Competencies

Domain 2: Language, Culture and Communication

4. Flexibility to use language that is free of regionalisms when interpreting for a consumer that does not share the same variety of Spanish.

8. Trilingual interpreters request information about a Latino consumer’s background (i.e., country of origin) before going to the assignment or before the assignment begins, in order to properly prepare.

Domain 3: Consumer Assessment

4. Identify Deaf consumer’s language use (e.g., native ASL, requires mouthing in Spanish, use of foreign signs, etc.) to determine target language form.

8. In three-person interactive situations, apply understanding of Latino family dynamics in order to determine how the consumer’s position with the family might influence interpreting decisions or strategies.

Domain 4: Interpreting Practice

1. Interpret consecutively and recognize when to do so.

2. Interpret simultaneously and recognize when to do so.