Train the Trainer Materials

Welcome to the DSAT Train-the-Trainer Curriculum. As you will learn, it contains a wealth of teaching tools and strategies designed to enhance your training experience.

The Train the Trainer curriculum is designed to work in tandem with the Second Edition of the curriculum. As such, before acquainting yourself with the Train the Trainer download, you will need to be highly familiar with DSAT Consumer Curriculum.

Key Elements of the Curriculum

  • While available to any who asks, because the curriculum is part of public domain, it has been designed for individuals who have received specialized instruction in its use. These individuals are referred to as Master Trainer use. In addition to acquiring training, these Master Trainers also played an integral part in the development of Train the Trainer curriculum.

    We recognize that others may want to conduct Train the Trainer workshops. In order to keep the integrity of the curriculum we ask that before conducting a Train the Trainer workshop, you contact us at to connect with a DSAT Master Trainer who can either provide the training (optimum) or work with you as you develop your own Train the Trainer workshop.

  • The curriculum is designed as a two-day workshop. If you must reduce it to one day, please pick and choose your topics carefully. The PowerPoint slides that correspond to each Module will need to be expanded by you.
  • All participants/students should receive a five-disk DVD set of the Curriculum. Please make copies of the five-disk set or contact to request training materials.

Evaluation is critical to improving the curriculum and securing future funding. We strongly encourage you contact us at to obtain training materials and participate in NCIEC’s evaluation activities.

DSAT has a strong Google+ Community of Practice for DSAT Trainers. We encourage you to join by contacting us at for further instructions.

Do make sure to send us your feedback, new ideas and curriculum changes. And of course, we’re sure all of us would love to see pictures of your workshops, as well as participant testimonials.