The Deaf Consumer

Interpreting in VR Settings:  Faces of Deaf Consumers

An infusion module for Interpreter Education Programs

The Deaf Consumer

When encountering Deaf individuals who are VR consumers, it will be helpful to think of each individuals as unique in terms of their identity, communication styles, educational background and unique characteristics. This unit addresses these topics.

The following resources can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the consumers interpreters work with in vocational rehabilitation settings.

This topic consists of a discussion about person-centered vs. system-centered approaches. A video lecture by Thomas Holcomb on Bicultural Identity Development is provided along with a reading citation. A PowerPoint presentation, Consumer Assessment Identifying Language, Culture and Communication Style, designed by Jim Lipsky of Northeastern University discusses variables to consider when assessing language use of Deaf consumers (VR and non-VR). The final section of this topic includes information from the report from the Study Group on “Serving Individuals who are Low-Functioning Deaf”.

Considering Terminology
An Overview of Deaf Education - 17 minute lecture in ASL
The Faces of Deaf Consumers - Lecture, Article and Activities
Communication Styles in the Deaf Community - Lecture, Article and Activities
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