Unit 3: Instructor Guide

Deaf Interpreter-Hearing Interpreter Teams

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Unit 3:  Assessing the Need – Instructor Guide

Because of the amount of information and activities, Unit 3 has its own separate page for an Instructor Guide.  This guide is very similar to student resources, except all of the Student Activities have both the questions and the answers.  Additionally, there is an assessment that you can use for Unit 3 here which is not included in the Student Resources.

Direct Link to Student Resources for Unit 3:

Unit 3 Goals
Assessing the Need
Student Activity: Possible Consumers
Student Activity: Educational Settings
Student Activity: Social Services
Student Activity: Medical Settings
Assessing the Need - Additional Settings
Student Activity: Employment Settings
Student Activity: Mental Health
Student Activity: Legal Settings
Student Activity: Public Events
Student Activity: Conference Settings
Unit 3 Assessment
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