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To Your Future Health: Contemplating Interpreting in Healthcare

An infusion module for Interpreter Education Programs

Welcome to the Healthcare Interpreting Infusion Module

This module is divided into a number of sections to make it easier for you as an instructor to navigate.  Below, there are brief descriptions of what is contained in each section.

  • Welcome to the Module: This section explains the purpose and structure of the module, along with providing a downloadable instructor guide and an overview of the components.
  • Pre-assessment: This is a short quiz that can be provided to students prior to beginning instructional activities, to assess their knowledge, and then used again as a post-assessment. Correct answers are provided for you as the instructor.
  • Why Healthcare Interpreting:  This section helps students understand why there is a need for healthcare interpreters, and to familiarize them with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work in this setting. There are four videos in ASL where experienced interpreters share the challenges and rewards of this work, and offer some advice. There are also three written articles that address various aspects of interpreting in healthcare settings. Suggestions for assessing student learning are included.
  • Comparing and Contrasting Ethical Frameworks:  Links are provided to the NAD/RID Code of Professional Conduct, and to the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare (NCHIC) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Questions are listed that can be used for an assignment where students reflect on their reactions to these documents, and their implications for working in healthcare settings.
  • Role Plays:  This section provides a framework for students to experience healthcare interpreting in a mock setting. Instructions are provided for you in terms of how to structure the role plays and two sample scenarios are provided, (asthma and acid reflux) which include instructions to the role play participants (“doctor” and “Deaf patient”) and student interpreter on what medical issue will be discussed.
  • Sample Workshops from the CATIE Center: This section contains two samples.
    Body Language – The first is an excerpt of Body Language workshops created and sponsored by the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University. It features Nigel Howard, a Deaf Interpreter who specializes in healthcare, teaching about the cardio system. It also includes similar samples from Doug Bowen-Bailey, a hearing interpreter with extensive healthcare interpreting experience. Students can view these and practice their own ASL presentations of these topics.
    Interpreting Healthcare Discourse – The second is an excerpt of an online module, “Interpreting Healthcare Discourse” created and sponsored by the CATIE Center at St. Catherine University. It features a hearing physician and Deaf patient in an appointment, with the doctor taking a history and conducting a physical interview. This can be used as stimulus material for students to practice interpreting in a healthcare setting.
  • Resources for Teachers: This includes some additional articles, books and websites related to healthcare interpreting.
Welcome to the Module/Downloadable Instructor Guide
Why Healthcare Interpreting?
Exploring Healthcare Interpreting
Role-Plays for Exploration
Sample Workshops from CATIE Center
Resources for Teachers
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